Radio Microphones

We are taking stock of our new Channel 38 radio microphone equipment this week.
New items available from hirestock ;
Shure UR4D+ – Cascadable twin UHF receiver, with sync feature
Shure UR1M  – Miniature UHF Beltpack Transmitter – ULTRA SMALL !
Shure UR2/SM58 – Industry standard SM58 transmitter
Shure WL50B – Omnidirectional Lapel Microphone
Shure UA870WB – Active Antenna
Sennheiser EW312 G3 GB – 3rd generation 300series Lapel System
Sennheiser ASA1 – 4channel antenna splitter
Sennheiser SKM345 G3 GB – Handheld transmitter c/w 845 capsule
Sennheiser SKM935 G3 GB – Handheld transmitter c/w 935 capsule
Please contact us to confirm daily and weekly rental prices.
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